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This site is my big FUCK YOU to the city of Lincoln for attacking me so long and so hard about this public nudity stuff on my site They have stopped me from starting new businesses, getting jobs and pretty much blackballed me from any new success I have work towards. So in the end I decided to go back to what made me who I am today--PORN! Well at least they call it porn here in Nebraska lol in LA they call what I do nude modeling ha ha. I guess we do live in leave-it-to-beaver land or some call the bible belt but I just call it fucking boring and you need me here to shake things up so I am here to stay now. This site will be all about getting naked in Husker gear all over this fine state of Nebraska. I will be paying CASH for videos, pictures whatever you have as long as you are in Nebraska, have husker gear on and are getting naked in it. For those that love this site you can thank the the Lincoln Police Department, the Governor, the idiots at the Nebraska Liquor Commission and definitely the State Patrol. For those of you who don’t like it and are a part of these crooked groups well FUCK YOU lol. I can’t wait to take Lincoln over once again!

Melissa Midwest

P.S. I have many new sites starting up so check out as well as all my other great sites! 


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